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Kirk Maxwell is a high ranking ASYNC supervisor or manager with full access clearance. He is a black, human male in a white lab coat who appears in Report.


Kirk Maxwell first appears in Report. He is shown walking through various hallways, taking an elevator, and making a phone call. He is wearing a white lab coat and a lanyard holding an ASYNC ID badge.


  • Kirk Maxwell's ID badge is extremely difficult to read, even when Report is viewed frame-by-frame. It is almost certain that his surname is Maxwell. His is first name is too difficult to distinguish, though it appears to start with a K. It would later be revealed to be Kirk in the episode Damage Control.
  • Kirk Maxwell's ID badge also reads "Full Clearance," revealing that he is likely a researcher, scientist, or higher-up of ASYNC of great importance.
    • As of now, Kirk Maxwell is one of two characters who we have seen the clearance level of, the other being Anthony Dawkins who has clearance Level 09.
  • The actor portraying Kirk Maxwell is uncredited.
  • Multiple copies of Kirk Maxwell standing in front of a stage as security guards can be seen in Found Footage "IVN Live Performance ft. Anthony Dawkins (Found Footage) (REAL)" on Kane Pixels' second channel "Not Kane Pixels".