Kane Pixels Backrooms Wiki

10th May 1982 - Prototype testing of an early version of the Low-Proximity Magnetic Distortion System (Prototype)

April 1988 - Ivan Beck holds a press conference regarding Project KV31 [The Third Test]

2nd July 1988 - Third test of the Low-Proximity Magnetic Distortion System [The Third Test]

17th October 1989 - Sixth test of the Low-Proximity Magnetic Distortion System [First Contact], 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake [collateral.mov]

Late 1989 onwards - Reported missing persons cases skyrocket [Missing Persons]

1st February 1990 - (Presumed) death of Nicolas Bolton [Autopsy Report]

3rd February 1990 - A John Doe (presumed to be Nicolas Bolton) is discovered in the Backrooms [Missing Persons]

5th February 1990 - The John Doe is examined by an ASYNC pathologist [Autopsy Report]

29th February 1990 - A researcher becomes lost in the Backrooms [Informational Video]

5th March 1990 - Motion Detected

11th March 1990 - Date of Mar11_90_ARCHIVE.tar

18th April 1990 - Photo with paintings (*What is this referring to?)

6th May 1990 - Researcher Marvin Leigh falls down a vertical shaft and seemingly escapes an unidentified creature [Pitfalls]

June 1991 - Mar11_90_ARCHIVE.tar is compiled

4th July 1991 - The Backrooms (Found Footage) is recorded, presumed death of Kane

23rd September 1996 - The Backrooms (Found Footage) is recovered